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  For Nonna's and Mama's kitchen Vecchios has designed this fine wall art photo now available to you! Signed by the Grandchildren,Family and Friends who have eaten at Nonna's and Mama's home it makes a wonderful tribute! Click image!

Fun Facts or What Every Italian Kid Growing Up In A Italian Family Knows!  Leave us a note and we will add yours.

The Real Boss of the House is Mama
Papa could tell by "looking" at you if you were drinking
Papa could tell if your lying just by looking at you
Even if you wern't drinking or lying you were still wrong since Papa can't be
Papa could look at wild attacking Italian Bull Dog and make him run
Mama would not waste time looking at the same dog, She would attack it
Papa was the toughest man alive outside the house
Mama was the toughest woman alive inside AND outside the house
No ONE can cook like Mama. Never think anyone can and most important NEVER SAY ANYONE CAN. YOU WILL REGRET IT FOREVER!
No One can cook like Mama. Never think it and most important NEVER let Mama hear you SAY it! You will regret it for life!
Papa could make you "shut up" with "THE LOOK"
Never try to out stare Mama or Papa, you will lose or get hurt
It's true Mama will hit you and your friends with the spoon
Papa will refer to your friends as "Hoodlums" sooner or later
If your friends are at your house at dinner time, Mama and Papa will make them eat
Mama is the only 24/7 original cook
Mama's gravy is the Best in the World
Papa will never teach you about sex, he figures every male is born knowing this
Mama will teach her daughters about sex, in her way, to either wait or "Im Telling Papa"
The only people who Mama and Papa are afraid of are Nonna and Nonno (Grandma/Grandpa)
You will hear the word "respect" thousands of times
Make no plans for Holiday except to be with family, you will never hear the end of it
Unless your in the Armed Service or In Jail, Never miss Sunday Dinner
Papa will tell you"they can't hit harder then me" if you ever back down to a fight
Papa will smile if you have a black eye but Mama will baby you
Papa will smile if he knows you been"with a woman" Mama will call her a Puttana
There really is a "Italian Curse"!!!!!!!!!!!
Never would you find a "Jar" of Gravy in Mama's house!
Everyone would steal a just fried meat ball when Mama was not looking
Everyone dipped bread in Mama,s gravy when she wasnt looking
Nonna protected you from Mama and Papa
It wasnt called a "dish towel" it was called a "Moppine"
Every Italian kitchen had a "Cast Iron Pan"
You will hear the phrase "If It Wasn't for the Italian's" 1000's of times
In a Italian Neighborhood you go to everyones funeral even if you didnt know the departed out of respect
Italian's make "The Sign of the Cross' when passing a Church
Every kid had a Saint Christopher medal
Italian didnt need cell phones, they just yelled out the window
Stiletto did not refer to ladies shoes
Bleach (aka Clorox) was called "beongoline"
The phrase "Somana Beach" meant " Son Of a Bitch"
Gravey was made early morning every Sunday and simmered for at least 7 hours
Gotta have the Pork
You can smell Sundays in every Italian area
Italian parents know what your thinking,even if your not thinking it
Italian parents know what your gonna do, even before you do it.
Get used to hearing " You Gonna Break Your Mamas Heart"
When you marry a Italian your married to their entire family

Watery Lazagna or Calzones?

Here is why!

Ricotta  Cheese has a vey high moisture content. To resolve this you should always drain your Ricotta through Cheese Clothe or a Strainer in your refrigerator  several hours before using or better yet the day before. Place a plate on top of the Riccotta to help push the moisture out.

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